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Which is best among Tile Granite and Parqueting

Tiles Granite and parqueting are three different options for tile, granite and parqueting. Tiles, granite and parqueting all come in various types.


Granite is the natural rock and it is harder than marble. Granite is naturally beautiful, harder enough, durable and resistant to seepage if sealed properly.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a granite flooring is given in the chart below-


Advantage of GraniteDisadvantage of Granite
Comparing between tile and granite, granite is considered more suitable for in-floor heating.
The initial cost is very high
Among all options, easiest in maintenance and cleanliness
The surface is slippery, so cannot be used in high traffic and frequent use areas unlike tiles that can be used in high traffic area. (Though tiles also need maintenance)
Comparing with tiles and parqueting, they are long-lasting or durable
Though the surface is resistant to scratches and cracks, it is still prone to staining in case of improper sealing.
Maintains the resale value of the building
The workmanship should be more professional than any other options available.
Gives the living space an excellent look
It is difficult to cut and shape unlike tiles and parqueting that come in readymade shapes.
Resistant to cracks, scratches and breaking into pieces also referred as chipping



Pros of Parqueting

Durable if taken care of properly

Parqueting is durable only when properly taken care of. It is because most of the parquet use soft wood. You should not use parqueting if you have naughty children and pets in your house.

Low maintenance cost

Parquet flooring is relatively low maintenance. You have to clean the surface with soft items like soft brooms or a vacuum cleaner. If parquet catches any stains, you need to use cleaners. However, the cleaners should not be abrasive. Parquet just needs polishing once in every 3 to 5 years. Hard wood should be used as parquet material instead of soft wood if the traffic in the parquet floor is high.

Aesthetically Appealing

Parqueting is aesthetically appealing if you have a good aesthetic sense. The various patterns used in parqueting are Mosaic, Chevron, Herringbone, Bordeaux, Chantilly, Parquet de Versailles. The aesthetic appeal of Granite is not less, but it gives a different appeal. A high quality tile gives more aesthetic appeal than a low quality granite.

Budget Friendly

Parqueting should be coveted as the most budget friendly option. Parqueting is made out of reclaimed hardwood and they are cheaper than original hardwood. Granite is the most expensive one among all option. The price of granite varies from Rs. 255 to Rs. 770 and it can fluctuate according to season, demand and supply. The cost of most expensive tile is much below Rs.770 per square feet. You can refer to the cost of parqueting section of our blog. 

Cons of Parqueting

Not resistant to Moisture

Parqueting is not resistant to moisture. Parqueting should never come under the contact of hot water and vapor because it can swell and shrink. If you clean it with water, you have to make sure that it dries instantly.

Easily Prone to scratch

Parquet is easily prone to scratch. Shoes with pointed soles could also cause damage to the parqueting if used frequently.

Fading in Sunlight

Parquet loses its color if it is exposed to sunlight for a long time. The solution is to paint the parquet and painting comes with a cost.



The common thing about all tiles is that all tiles are laid with spacers on place and grouts are inserted as infill. There are different kinds of tiles. One of the types of Natural stone tiles. Natural stone tiles are very similar to granite because thick granites are cut to smaller size and section to make natural stone tiles. So natural stone tile behaves similar to granites. Among tiles, the cheapest tile is ceramic tile followed by porcelain tile. The most expensive tile is natural stone tile. You can refer to the price of tiles section if you like. 

Advantages of Tiles 

Water Resistant

Though tiles and grout are usually not water resistant, waterproof grouts are usually available these days. You have to make sure that the tiles are vitreous or semi-vitreous. 


As compared to Granite, Tiles are also long-lasting. High quality tiles typically last up to 20 years. Tiles have various classes ranging from I to V. The class V tiles are the best whereas class I tiles are not good. For an average home, class III tile or class IV tile can satisfy the need.

Less maintenance

Light cleaning method is good for tiles. The only thing is strong acids should not be used to clean tiles because grouts can dissolve and problem of seepage can occur through the gaps between tiles.

Disadvantages of Tiles

Tiles are considered expensive than parquet for similar degree of satisfaction. Tiles are also more expensive than laminate flooring and they have been popular in the Nepalese market these days. Tiles are only cheaper to the expensive granites.

Problem of Grout Maintenance

Tiles are long-lasting, but grout are not. Grout needs to be apply again and again if tiles are cleaned with strong acid or if there is high traffic in tile surface. Tiles are more prone to stains than granite. Unlike Granite, tiles also need frequent cleaning and grout needs to be added over again and again.

Cold Tile Surface

Tile surface are often cold. They need in-floor heating system to prevent the user from extreme cold during winters.  Parqueting on the other hand is not cold in winter.

Weight of Tile

Though not more as compared to granite, tiles also weight heavy. They increase the weight of the building. The building needs to be structurally designed for tile finishes. 

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