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Things to consider while you buy home in Kathmandu

Most of the Nepalese people have a dream to buy home in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Some people would prefer to construct a house in their land, but land is too scarce in central Kathmandu. So, it is a smart idea to buy home in Kathmandu if you want to live in busy cities. Many homes are now in sale. The problem is you are not an engineering specialist and don’t know whether the price of the home you are buying is worth paying it.

Here, we explain you the things you should consider why you buy a home in Kathmandu.

The year in which the home was built

Earthquake in 2072 had hit Kathmandu city and damaged a lot of homes. After the earthquake, the municipalities inside the Kathmandu valley decided to standardize the minimum column size to 12 inches by 12 inches. Homes in Kathmandu used to have 9 inches by 9 inches’ minimum column size. It is always safer to buy a home where the column of size 12 inches by 12 inches have been used.

Cracks in structural elements of Home

Most of the homes in Kathmandu have framed structure. And the main structural members in the framed structure are column, beam and slab. If there are any cracks appearing in the column, beam or slab, that home should be rejected because the building might be prone to major damage in future earthquakes.

If the home you are buying is a load bearing structure, you must see for cracks in every wall and verify that they are not structural cracks.

4 Inches of Outer Wall

While some people may argue that walls are not structurally significant and thickness of outer walls can be limited to a mere 4 inches, the building suffers from the problem of seepage, noise and temperature if the outer walls are just 4 inches thick. Kathmandu has slanted rainfall and outer walls often catch rainfall- most often in box styled houses. If the walls are just 4 inches, the wall can undergo seepage. And though Kathmandu has warm summer, it also has chill winter. 4 Inches outer wall is not enough to bear cold temperature of Kathmandu. And Kathmandu is very noisy too. Therefore, 4 inches’ outer wall doesn’t fulfill the concept of sweet and comfortable home.

Material Used in Doors and Windows

If the materials used in doors and windows is wood, then the doors and windows are expensive. Woods like Saal and Seesam are costlier and Nepali wood is costlier than Indian or Malaysian wood currently available in Nepalese market. If wood hasn’t undergone expansion in a home after about 5 years of construction, your building will always be free from problems of doors and windows. If you want durability, you should go for a home with aluminum door and windows instead of UPVC doors and windows. However, if you are more concerned for looks, UPVC doors and window frames have high finishing quality than Aluminum frames.

Quality of granite and Marble and their use

You must look for a home with high quality of granite and marble. For areas where there is more movement of people, always prefer granite in a home you are buying than marble. For low traffic area, marble can also suffice the need.

If possible, you can check the quality of marble used in the home. If you drop 3 to 4 drops of lemon, a bad quality marble will absorb all drops of lemon whereas a good quality marble will not absorb lemon drops.

For checking the quality of granite, you should see the shine of granite. If the polish is uniform and shine is good, then the granite quality is found to be unique.

Compare your Requirement with the design of home

Your realtor might make you see a lot of homes in Kathmandu. But all homes are customized for the person who constructed it. Most of the homes you will see will not suffice your requirement and expectations. Make a list of features you want in your future home and give it to your realtor. The realtor will see the matching home for you and finally make you buy home in Kathmandu.

Give attention to plumbing and seepage

The owner of the home might have hidden the seepage defects by just applying fresh putty and two coats of paint. There might be a lot of plumbing defects. Similarly, the rebar may have rusted because of previous seepage problems. You must also check for the cover given to the rebar in structural member. For that you can remember skillsewa because we use covermeter in your preferred real estate to find out whether appropriate cover in beams, slabs and columns have been maintained.

Find out Average Price of Home in the locality

You must compare the price which the owner had asked with the price of similar homes in the same locality. Homes in Kathmandu have varying price according to the importance of locality. Locality where the rent is expensive will cost higher than the home whose rent is cheaper. You can find out various ways to compare. For example, you can find out a property where transaction has taken place recently.


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