Important Things to Consider when Building a New Home
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Important Things to Consider when Building a New Home

Building a New House

House is a permanent structure or a building in which someone lives. It is built for the purpose of living. We spend most of our time in the house. So, our feelings are directly connected with the house.

Our house must be safe and secure for living purposes. Materials, manpower, and methods used while building a house determine the strength and safety of a house.

The house's location is one of the important aspects of the new building. It determines construction materials cost, construction cost, construction time, and quality of the new house.

Building a new house is not an easy task. It needs time, money, ideas, patience, and skilled manpower.

The advice of engineers, location, design, construction materials, structure finance, etc. is the most important thing while building a new house. Here is the list of 10 Important Things to be Considered before construction of a house.

Take Advice from Different Consultants

Building a home is a journey. You can build the new house that you want in your dream. You should have taken the advice of a reliable person while building a house. Engineers, builders, and house construction companies are reliable sources for advice. 

After getting the advice you can easily make decisions and fulfill your dreams or dream house. You can take advice on building sites, materials and quality, place, size, modern design and so on. You will get the right information at the right time. So the advice is a crucial factor in building a new home. Skill sewa Pvt. ltd is one of the best advisors while building a new house in Kathmandu. 

Choose a Favorable Location    

We human beings are facilities centered. So, we follow the places where there are good facilities for education, electricity, water supply, telecommunication, supermarkets, safety, transportation, etc. It creates good value for your house or property. 

The home area temperature should be normal and for the warmth and natural light living areas should face north. Nearby amenities, neighborhoods, development, thriving, etc make your location valuable and beautiful. Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Mahendranagar, and Dhangadi are the best locations for new house building in Nepal. 

Structure and Design

All components of a house come under the structure of the home. Roofs, Kitchen, living room, bathroom, kitchen, washroom, meeting room, bathroom, parking, garden, interior, etc are the basic components of a house. 

So, before building a house you must be sure about the design and structure of a house. Which types of house do you want to build should be fixed. You can make single-family homes, semi-detached homes, multi-family homes, townhomes, apartments, condominiums, tiny homes, etc are basic types of structures of a home.  

Material Selection

Stone, wood, aggregates, metal, cement, bricks, concrete, and clay are commonly used materials for construction. Your choice based on their cost effectiveness for buildings means cost and quality totally depend on your finance and choice. 

Quality building materials make buildings strong and sustainable. So quality materials should be preferred for new home building. Only quality materials have higher endurance and resistance to both water and time.


Size is also another concern while building a new house. 600-700 square feet per person is the ideal size for a new home. It shows a family of five members needs 3000 square feet for a new home. The dimension of the house should be average. 

You can keep space for a plantation, water tank, ventilation, washing machine, and other things. The size of the room plays a vital role in your way of living according to vastu shastra. 


Products or materials used for constructing buildings' roofs are known as roofing. We use slates, tiles, and shingles for roofing. In the case of Nepal Hip design, gable, flat, etc. are the basic types of roofs. 

So, we must be sure about the design and types of roofs before building a new home. While selecting roofing materials we prefer lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to install. A steel roof can last four to five decades. So, most of us prefer steel roofs. Roofs should be heat and cold-efficient, and properly installed.


Load bearing part of the structure, built below ground, is known as the foundation of the home. There are three main foundation types: concrete slab, crawl space, and full basement.  Before building a house it is important to know about how to choose a foundation based on its coverage light, medium, and full size. A foundation lasts for 70 to 100 years

Electricity and Water Supply

Water and electricity are the basic needs of human beings. We prefer places where water, electricity, and communication is available. While building a new home we also need water and electricity for various purposes.  

We use electricity for the purpose of carrying, distributing, and other machinery purposes. While water is used for worker hydration, concrete batching, grouting, pond filling, and soakaway testing


Finance or budget is the one most crucial part while building a new house.  Without finance, it is not possible without a budget. The size of the budget determines the size and quality of the house.

We need money to buy building materials, construction costs, and other types of costs. As per your size of budget, you can build a new home and add extra facilities. So, finance is an integral part of building a new house. If you have enough budget you can use expensive materials and goods for your house. 

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