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How to naturally light your Kitchen

Gloomy kitchen is often the problem faced by the people having less land, especially in a country like Nepal where small plots of land are bought by people for their dream houses. For these people, kitchen is not the place to dwell around much and they choose the room which is relatively darker. However, if you consider a few things while finishing your modular kitchen, then you can increase the natural light in your kitchen and make it more lighted than you expected.

Here are some of the methods that you can use to naturally light up your kitchen.

Install Light colored granite or tile in Countertop and Floor

Light colored flooring will help you remarkably increase the natural light. Light color doesn’t absorb the natural light- instead it will reflect light very easily. As there are multiple reflections for every ray of light, the amount of light in the kitchen will increase and the kitchen will look brighter.

Floors use marbles, granites and tiles whereas countertops generally use tiles and granites. Granites, tiles and marbles are available in white, pink, cream and various other light colors in the market.

Place Open Ceiling if possible for more lighting

If your kitchen is located at the top floor of the building, you can consider this option. You can’t just cast slab in the ceiling of the kitchen, but you can design void above the top floor kitchen to give it more lighting if you think that lighting from the window is not enough.

Your engineer will find out how much light will be there and how much light needs to be added by simulative techniques. Contact with them for more details.

Install Solar Reflective Glass Lighting

Solar Reflective Glass Lighting is also called glass tunnel. Solar Reflective Glass Lighting will reflect the solar light through mirrors, maintaining the efficiency of the total light falling. All this light will eventually be directed to the dark kitchen and the kitchen will have increased lighting.

This feature has recently started to become popular in Nepal.

Make Open floor plan for the Kitchen

One of the easiest methods to increase the natural light in the kitchen is to make an open floor plan for the kitchen. By making open floor plan, you will be connecting your dining room to the kitchen.

This way, you will be having two windows for the kitchen area instead of only one window. The two windows will then bring enough light to bright both the dining and kitchen areas.

Use a lot of glass in Backdoor

Using the backdoor is an option when you have a verandah outside your kitchen. But people use wooden doors as a building material for their backdoor. Wooden doors block the natural light entering the kitchen.

If you use door made up of glass, you will have an extra benefit of reflectivity. If you fear about privacy by installing glass doors, you can use wood at the base of the door and glass at the top of the door. Or, you can use glasses that only allows light and not the stare of your neighbor

Design Kitchen with Streamlined Layout

Streamline Layout in your kitchen means designing a kitchen in such a way that light will have minimum reflections after entering the room. Light travel only in a straight line. If you create obstruction, it reflects and the amplitude of brightness in the reflection will decrease. You have to design your kitchen in such a location that light will not have to reflect in order to light the entire kitchen. Make sure that the window of the kitchen is parallel to the vertical plane through which light enters. Also, you have to make sure that your kitchen is not built in L-shape.

Light colored Cabinets in Modular Kitchen

The kitchen cabinets in your modular kitchen are often made up of wood. You will use varnishes and polishes in your wood. A tip to increase the natural light is to use the light wood color. You can make the kitchen attractive by using dark colors in the borders and light color in the body. This will increase the décor value and set the lighting tone at the same time. These techniques also contribute towards the vastu of the kitchen in a positive way.



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