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Hongshi Cement Price in Nepal

Hongshi Cement

Cement is a common building material in Nepal because it is inexpensive to purchase in large quantities. The cement industry which has been operating for a few decades, is on the verge of achieving self-sufficiency in the country. 

Since there are currently many companies growing in this sector, it is frequently claimed that OPC and PPC cement prices in Nepal are higher than those in other South Asian nations. 

The most widely used cement in the world is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), which hardens when combined with water and becomes water resistant. The Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), on the other hand, is an OPC variant with great durability and lower OPC usage. 

The price of cement is one of the first factors to take into account when building a house in Nepal. If you want to build a house, the cement quality must be suitable. You can utilize a variety of cement types when constructing a home but at the same time, the cost cannot be disregarded.

Talking about the cement company Hongshi Cement is one of the popular cement companies in Nepal. It is a joint venture between Nepal-based Shivam Holdings, which also manufactures Shivam cement, and Hong Kong Red Lion Cement No 3, a subsidiary of Hongshi Group, China's largest building material firm.

It is also the largest cement plant as it is the country's largest greenfield cement plant. By manufacturing 6,970 tons of Clinker per day and 6,061 tons of Cement per day, we can see why this cement company has climbed to become one of the top brands.  

Moreover, they create clinkers with a minimal energy usage, which is always a plus. Its main limestone quarry site is located in Palpa. The price of the cement ranges from NRs 520 to NRs 810 depending upon the type of cement. Hongshi PPC cement cost between 520-710. Likewise, Hongshi OPC cement costs between 630-810.

Hongshi Cement Price in Nepal

Hongshi PPC CementRs. 520 - 710
Hongshi OPC CementRs. 630 - 810

Hongshi OPC and PPC 

High-quality enhanced limestone clinker is used to make Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) cement. Due to its fine grinding, it develops higher strength at an earlier stage. 

Furthermore, Hongshi Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is made by combining finely ground Fly-Ash with Portland clinker. It is water resistant due to the high density of the concrete. Superfine particles finish the structure beautifully. PPC reduces the bleaching and increases the workability of concrete.  

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