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Waterproof gypsum board price in Nepal and its types

Waterproof gypsum board price in Nepal and its types

Gypsum board has a non-combustible gypsum core with paper surfacing. Gypsum board is also known as drywall, wallboard and plasterboard. Talking about the dimensions of gypsum boards it is 8,10,12,14 feet long and 3 feet wide.

Thickness of Gypsum board

¼ (6mm) low cost, home decor

3/8 (9mm) applied in a double layer system

½ (12mm) single layer and ceiling materials

5/8(16mm) provide additional fire and impact resistance

¾ (25 or 19mm) used in interior decor, shaftwall, stair wall, chase way, areas separation firewall and corridor ceiling


Edges of Gypsum Board

  • Square edge

  • Beveled

  • Tapered

  • Rounded

  • Tongue and groove

Square and tapered gypsum boards are commonly used in Nepal.

Common types of Gypsum boards in Nepal

Regular/ standard gypsum board: it is used for covering materials for walls, ceilings and partition walls. It is ideal for a false ceiling.

Fail Backed Gypsum Board: It is an aluminum foil laminated gypsum board. It serves as vapor barriers and keeps interior moisture within the building. We use it on the Interior Face of exterior walls and ceilings. 


 Fire Resistance gypsum board: It is useful for ceilings and where fire protection is a priority.

 Moisture Resistance Gypsum board: It is used for covering materials for interior walls that require specific moisture rated assemblies. It is also ideal for ceiling and drywall partitions and used as base for tiles installation in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and external soffits in sheltered position. 

Gypsum Liner board: It is also available in fiberglass mat facing which increases its weather and mold resistance. It has a special fire resistance core enhanced in moisture resistance paper.

Price of waterproof gypsum board price in Nepal

Here is the price list of gypsum prices in Nepal. 





Gypsum board (plan)



Rs.95.00 to 110 Rs

Gypsum board Design



Rs.115 to Rs.130

2X2 acoustic ceiling 12mm



Rs165 to Rs. 180

2X2 acoustic ceiling design 12mm



Rs. 182 to Rs 200

2X2 water proof board 9mm thick



Rs. 100 to Rs 120


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