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Things to know about SY Panel

Things to know about SY Panel

SY Panel come under the category of puf panel and Puf panels come under the category of structurally insulated panels. One of the structurally insulated panels is Cement SIP Panels and cement SIP panel is one variety of cement board. One of the extensively available puf panels in Nepalese market is SY Panel.

SY Panel is manufactured in Nepal by SY Panel Nepal Ltd. It is a sister company of South Korea based SY Corporation Limited. SY Panel manufactures both EPS panels and puf panels.

The property of both EPS Panel and puf panel is that both have very low thermal conductivity. SY Panel is more used in earthquake resistant structure. That’s why SY Panel Nepal boasts itself as a complete earthquake resistant structure provider. The insulating property of SY Panel works both for hot and cold weather.

SY Panel uses UPVC windows and doors, steel doors and Puf panel roof in its solution for earthquake resistance light weight building technology.

When we refer to the test report of SY panel, it says that the SY panel is fully resistant to flame for ten seconds. The door has undergone repeatability test and the opening and closing can be done with guarantee for 100000 times.

The leakage test says that the sample has a leakage value of 0.2 cubic meters per square meter per minute for 25Pa differential pressure. All the test have been performed according to appropriate Korean Standards.

The door has flame retardant rubber gasket that can prevent the fire in door from spreading to the wall panels and to the whole building. The finished wall size is 100cm and this is equal to the partition wall of normal concrete framed structure in the existing practice.


SY PANEL comes under two categories as mentioned above- EPS Panel and puf panel. There is a fundamental difference in EPS Panel and puf panel in that Puf panel is more resistant to thermal energy than EPS Panel for the first five years. But after five years, the long term thermal resistance becomes similar. Polyurethane panel is more expensive than eps panel. That’s why it creates you a confusion whether to buy an expensive product which will behave similar to cheaper product after only five years of its life.

Polyurethane panel is more resistant thermally in the beginning because it is formed by low conductivity gases whereas EPS panel has air as a substance inside the foam.

What we ask you to do is calculate the total price of your building by using both polyurethane SY panel and EPS SY panel separately. If you think the amount is worth it for 5 years of increased thermal conductivity, you have to choose the polyurethane option of SY panel. If you don’t think that the money has a value for 5 years, then you should go for the Expanded polystyrene panel option.

Variety of SY Panels

There are a variety of SY panels available. Some of the varieties are wooden wall panel, zinc wall panel, Ivory wall panel, Zinc roofing panel, combat roofing panel.

Skillsewa will help you build a house using SY panels in interior because we prefer light weight and economical housing.  

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