major types of toilet pans in nepal
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Major types of Toilet pans in Nepal and its price

A large bowl with a seat which is connected to the water system and which we use to get rid of excreta like urine or faeces from our body is called a toilet.


Toilets play a vital role in sanitation of your household and keep you healthy. We can help to manage human excreta effectively.


If we can't properly sanitation the waste it will create an unhealthy environment. Lack of sanitation also increases the chance of pandemic and waterborne disease.


Use of the toilet prevents germs from getting into our environment, and protects the health of the whole society. Our health is not only one reason to build washrooms, it also helps us to maintain privacy.


Toilets are essential for the healthy development of people. In Nepal, more than 2.6 million Nepalese sticks lack toilets.  Pour- flush toilets are the common types of toilets used in Nepal.


Here is all about common types toilet or latrines used in Nepal

  1. Shallow Trench Latrines

  2. Deep Trench Latrines

  3. Simple Pit Latrines

  4. Improvised Pit Latrine

  5. Borehole Latrines

  6. Pour-Flush Latrines

  7. RCA latrine


Price of toilet pans in Nepal

The toilet pan is the lower area of the toilet that sits on the floor. The price of a toilet pan is determined by quality and its types. Here is the list of price of toilet pans in Nepal.

Types of toilet 


Orissa popular squatting pan 

Rs.2000 - 3000/-

DOME  one piece closet 

Rs.20,000 - 30,000/-

Flat Back Large Standard Urinal 

Rs.7000 - 10,000/-

Petite Ewe S-white 

Rs.3000 - 5000/-

Fusion Rimless single piece 

Rs.35,000 - 39,000/-

Puro Single Piece commode 

Rs.14,000 - 20,000/-

Angel 19 compact wall hung 

Rs.10,000 - 14,000/-

ROCA: Square Compact slim uf 

Rs.13,000 - 15,000/-

Continental series wall hung 

Rs.17,000 - 20,000/-

Asian squatting pan 

Rs.4000 - 6000/-

Solo Single piece- WC 

Rs.32,000 - 36,000/-

Squatting pan normal 

Rs.1100 -  1500/-







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