5 Reasons to Love Pillar Houses
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5 Reasons to Love Pillar Houses in Nepal

There are so many types of types of construction types found in many areas of Nepal. Pillar Wala ghar or Pillar house construction is commonly found in both suburban and urban areas. Pillar house is perceived to be the safest and strongest in every respect compared to all the other building types in Nepal.

Pillar wala ghar has been practiced for less than 50 years in Nepal. Currently, this type of building is being built. Literally meaning a house with columns is a modern building type constructed of a reinforced concrete frame with masonry infill walls.

There is a general acceptance that building types can go as high as they like. So, in urban areas where land is scarce and expensive, this is the invariably accepted building type. In addition, this building typology has become a status symbol in Nepal, and any one who can afford it perfects to construct this building type.


Architectural Aspects


These buildings are typically found in flat, sloped and hilly terrain. They do not share common walls with adjacent buildings if a building is constructed along an urban strip, especially where the land is expensive and scarce.


Building Configuration

Building configuration in general depends on where the building is located and its functions. Usually, these buildings are rectangular and regular in plan and shape depending on the shape of land. In residential buildings, the storey height, number of columns and quantity of walls per story is usually similar. Walls are usually distributed.


Functional Planning

The main function of this building typology is mixed use both commercial and residential use. These buildings are used for all sorts of functions as commercial, residential, educational, religious and official purposes.


Modification to Building

Both vertical and horizontal extensions of a building are common depending on the requirement of space and availability o0f funds. Vertical extension is more common in this type of building. It is perceived as strong enough to go as high as required.


Here are 5 Reasons to Love Pillar Houses

Most of us prefer pillar houses. It looks attractive and beautiful also. In case of strength it is stronger than a wall system house. It has large solid structures, and pillars provide firm support for another large structure. 

Here, Pillars distribute the weight of the roof or ceiling or it supports heavy loads. In construction, they often serve to make buildings more attractive and we can remodel it easily.

reasons to love pillar houses or advantages of pillar houses. 


The ability of a building to maintain, over its lifetime, the performance for which purpose it was designed is known as durability. Pillar house is more durable than a wall system house. It is the core part of construction, an insufficient durability can cause additional unexpected costs of building. So, pillar houses are highly liked.



Concrete foundation, insulated concrete foundation and other factors like frame structure makes a building strength. It is stronger than a wall system house. Special cylindrical shaped column is the strongest because of its corner.

Load distribution

Pillar houses are load distributing houses whereas wall system houses are not. Pillars bear the load of the whole house as per its pattern, so it is low risk and higher safer than wall system house. It has a low risk factor.


Structural Analysis before construction and Earthquake resistance

Structural analysis before construction makes a building safe and sound. It also decides the durability and strength of the house. It could not be possible in a wall system house. And pillar houses are also famous for Earthquake resistance.

Somehow, pillar houses are a little more costly than wall system houses but they are safe and strong.


Could be modified

Pillar houses could be modified after construction whereas wall system houses could not be modified. In the pillar system we can remodel or add extra rooms, bathrooms, meeting rooms and halls as well. So, pillar system houses are mostly liked and loved.




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