10 Creative Ideas for Decorating a Small Room in Nepal
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10 Creative Ideas for Decorating a Small Room in Nepal

Furniture, wallpaper, and ornaments are the elements of room decoration. It is the process of decorating or creating something lovely. Decoration enhances our lives. It makes things more fun, makes kids happier, makes conversations more intimate, and also helps us relax.

A small portion of space within a building or structure, divided by walls, is known as a "small room." Small rooms can be designed to meet specific needs. Colors that are bright and light will help to illuminate our small space. Bright light makes the room appear bigger. We can also decorate small rooms for aesthetic and personal satisfaction. 

Here we will talk about small room decoration ideas in Nepal.

1.Choose the furniture with legs

While selecting furniture for your small living room, you have to choose pieces with legs. It helps to create a sense of light and space. It makes even the smallest living rooms feel spacious.

When the floor is more visible, the room appears bigger and more attractive. Legs are required for a sofa or armchair. Sofas and armchairs should be furnished with beautiful wooden legs.


2.Create a focal point with a gallery wall

We can create a lounge space with beautiful gallery wall ideas. Framed photos, prints, wallpaper, handcrafted items, and other things like pressed flowers can be used. It can create beautiful looks and show your personality, too. A small room will look beautiful and attractive.


3.Hide corners to enhance the sense of space

If our eyes cannot see corners in a room, our minds will be perplexed. If you can see the corners, then your mind knows the exact size of the room. You can find various ways of hiding or disguising corners. You can place a tall plant or even a table lamp in the corner of a room to hide corners. It will make your little room more beautiful and aesthetic.


4.Hang easy breezy curtains

You have to optimize the use of natural light with gauzy window dressing and a group of mirrors. You must keep windows sheer and light rather than having anything too heavy. So, you have hung easy breezy curtains for small room decorations.


5.Choose Storage furniture with a small footprint

Small room decoration in Nepal is very much needed, regardless of the size of your space. Try to make the most of ceiling height and avoid using too much floor space. Most of us loved ladder style shelving to store and display. This provides valuable shelf space with a minimal footprint.


6.Boost light with floor to ceiling windows 

It is sure that there is nothing like natural light to make a space feel bigger. If you have a lush garden beyond, this will only enhance the sense of light and space.


7.Add a feature wall in a warm color

We want to make small rooms feel cosy and restful. You may feel apprehensive about introducing too many dark colors for fear of making the room feel cramped. In this case, pick a rich, warm color as a backdrop to part of the room; that’s what makes your room restful.


8.Up the Storage potential 

The main key in a small space is to make the most of every inch available. An affordable way to use a recess space for storage is to fit stacked floating shelves. It may look like you can fit a lot inside, but in the long, run your room may look messy.


9.Hang baskets to provide extra wall storage

When it comes to small space living, the only way to go is upwards. Make to the most of any currently offered gross floor area by keeping it as clear of clutter as possible. The later contains any small piece of equipment you may have try to lie around.


10. You can draw attention to the windows

To let as much as light in your small room make sure there is nothing obscuring your windows. Painting the window can help to draw attention to the source of natural lights. It can aids the feeling of space. 

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