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10 Attractive House Paint Colors For Classy Touch

All of us want our houses to appear as beautiful as they are. Keeping your home's outside in good shape is the best method to make sure that it leaves a lasting impression. The quickest, simplest, and least expensive way to update the exterior and interior of your home is to slather on a fresh coat of paint. Caulking and regular house painting maintenance assist in preventing water and solar damage to your home.

             You don't just have to paint the walls; you can also utilize them as an accent or piece of décor in the room. Your walls can be the focal point of the room or the house with a little creativity and ingenuity! Choose a color that complements the landscaping of the property and the general design of the home. So if you are planning to paint your house or thinking about redecorating, then here are some tips of the best house paint design in Nepal that you can apply in your house as well : 

For Exterior

The exterior paint colors you choose for your home can be one of the most important design decisions you ever make since they greatly influence how it looks and feels. Select one, two, or up to three exterior colors for your . Choose exterior color schemes that are not just appealing but also pleasing overall. Use various hues of the same color if you want to stick with only one to prevent becoming monotonous.

There are numerous colors and color combinations that can be utilized in house exteriors but here, we have selected the top 10 color combinations for house exteriors in Nepal:

Cream and brown 

This is the most suitable and delicate color scheme for house exterior painting. The dark brown complements the cream exterior paint scheme well. Brown, as a down-to-earth color, represents stability and support and pairs well with milk. Depending on the style of the house, choose chocolate brown, honey brown, or walnut brown for the exterior color combination. This warm neutral pair feels cozy and grounded and is one of the greatest exterior paint colors for house exterior walls.

Dark Blue, Gray and Bluish White

Here is a color scheme for inspiration that is uncomplicated. Using this house as inspiration, you could paint the foundation of your home a bluish white, the pillars, steps, and trims a lovely gray, and the roof a dark blue to create contrast. Keep the doors and windows a traditional brown color to avoid overly disrupting the well-balanced looks.

Peach and white

One of the most popular exterior paint colors for houses in Nepal is peach because it is calming and revitalizing. It blends beautifully with white for exterior paint colors on both traditional and contemporary residences. While being light colors, pale peach can amplify the feeling of elegance and chicness in a home and make it appear larger.

Exterior Color Scheme: White

White is becoming more and more popular as a house exterior color in Nepal, and for good reason. It complements a wide range of housing designs, reduces the imposing facades of very large homes, and makes the landscape stand out with its variety in texture and color. Even white has variations in brightness and lightness, much like other colors. To see how the color changes with the time of day and the sun's presence or absence, examine several swatches of varying colors of white.

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Brown, white and Gray

For a residence outside, the colors brown, white, and gray work harmoniously together. Dark gray and white paint can both be dominant colors. A brown roof provides the house a warm, natural feeling as part of the modern home color paint design outside; an earthy brown tone as house color outside produces an inviting atmosphere. The color palette might also include an ash color scheme for house exteriors.

Wooden exterior color schemes

Steely gray can be a cold option for exterior house color schemes when used alone. But if this neutral shade is your favorite, think about warming it up. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as using a warm accent hue like orange that is vivid and on the bright side of the color palette. Wood is a fantastic option if you want a striking contrast, especially if you stain it a medium to dark tone. A deep gray acts as an effective transitional color in this modern color scheme between the two tones.

Yellow and  White

Do you agree that yellow exudes a warm and welcome vibe? This makes it a fantastic choice for residences in Nepal. You can use it as the dominant color and merely utilize white to break up the space. You can choose between a bold, buttery yellow like the one used below or a deeper, more subdued yellow like the one used above. In any case, yellow comes out on top!

Maroon, Brown and White

Deep red or maroon hues can provide beauty and charm to the external walls of your home. Typically, brick roof tiles, which are common in Nepal, can provide this look. Maroon and white go together beautifully. To this exterior color scheme, brown might be added. For the doors outside your house, pick this color. When creating a villa, this exterior color scheme of Nepali home can be perfect.

Barn Red for exterior

Red is the most traditional primary color, with a cherry and warm vibe about it. This vivid color looks great on modest suburban houses. A single red house can alter the entire neighborhood's impact. To complete the effect, simply add a dab of white and green. You can go for a half-and-half external house color design idea by blending Red home color outside with white to provide a sense of individuality and balance the aggressive Barn Red color. This way, you may balance the house's dark exterior color without losing its charm.

Brown, Orange, Green and White

By incorporating an orangish brown tint into the green and white paint color choices on your home's exterior, you may give them a contemporary twist. Bright brown can enhance the visual appeal and make your home appear more upscale and magnificent while green and white create a calming impact.

For Interior

Your home's interior colors can convey a wide range of things, including feelings, social situations, and moods. Nepali homes are primarily distinguished by the interior paint colors they utilize. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow may enliven a room and its occupants. In general, calm, peaceful environments are created by using cool colors like blue, green, and purple. It's crucial to consider the purpose of the area when selecting the colors for the walls and floors. That is why we have picked some of the best paint colors for interior houses in Nepal and let these popular house color ideas be your guide whether you're moving into a new house or getting it painted.

Brown and Gray

This color combination is widely getting popular in interior houses in Nepal. For extremely intense air, choose rigorously neutral hues like gray and brown. When you want to draw attention to a statement piece or piece of art made of brass or bronze, this combination works well.

Dark Purple

Although dark colors are less frequent in interior houses in Nepal, there are various methods to incorporate them into your home's color scheme. Choosing furniture in the same color as the walls is the most obvious method to employ this wall color. It might even be one of the greatest inside house paint colors to experiment with if you enjoy mixing several hues of the same color.

White with Color Pops

White paint is simply a blank canvas for your imagination to go wild on! This canvas can be adorned with colorful pops of color in the form of a mural, abstract forms, or artwork. Every element is emphasized and highlighted in white. However, if overloaded with details, overuse of this motif might become chaotic. This method can be used to customize master bedrooms.


Although the color is sometimes associated with fast food restaurants in an effort to increase hunger, it can also work well in a color scheme for a home. On the other hand, stay away from utilizing bright red in bedrooms when picking interior paint colors. Red, which is a stimulant, does not go well in settings that are intended for rest, which explains why. In your living room, use it as your home's primary color. Given that the living room is a social environment, the house paint colors you choose for it might be vibrant and striking.

Vivid yellow

It's likely that you might use some brightness if your home doesn't get a lot of sunlight. Your home's color scheme is a fantastic place to start to include it. You're guaranteed to develop a cheery disposition if you choose a good hue of bright yellow for the interior of your home! For optimal results, combine it with conventional hardwood furniture or color-blocked palettes.


Did you know that some colors can help your room appear to have more depth? That is exactly what the color scheme of red and white for a house accomplishes. Consider using a crimson accent wall to bring depth to a room that is entirely neutral. Here, the bed is framed by and the room is made longer by the crimson accent wall. This optical trick can help make smaller places appear larger than they actually are.

Navy and black

The idea that neutral colors are dull and repetitive is a widespread one. A sumptuously majestic image can be achieved by combining two dark colors, such as black and navy. These are timeless symbols of manly vitality and look well in dens, bedrooms, and even kitchens.


Orange is a color that, like yellow hues, may add warmth to a room. In fact, it's a typical color scheme for both contemporary and mid-century modern homes. If you use a darker orange, you may make it fit with rustic design. Darker colors should be used in social areas since they provide an energizing influence that makes them ideal for entertainment settings. For a more reviving atmosphere, softer colors might be employed in the bedroom or other private spaces.

Green and pink

As we all have guessed pink is one of the frequently seen paint colors in interior houses in Nepal. However, have you ever wondered what occurs when we combine two dark colors? A bedroom or living area can be given fresh vitality by combining pink and green since it makes an immediate impression.

Soft or Pastel blue

The choice for you is soft blue if you love the appearance and practicality of neutral colors but yet want some color. When it comes to softening the color scheme of your home, pastel blue is a fantastic alternative. It is a simple background that you can use to emphasize bold furniture or accent pieces. In contrast to bolder tones of blue, it won't overshadow the other color schemes in your house.

 There are many other colors that go well in interior houses such as: black and white, gray, magenta, avocado green, back and red, mustard and so on.

      Your home may have a flow if you choose the proper paint color throughout, making the transition between each room and living area seem effortless. The right wall treatments and colors can give your area life. If there isn't any color, texture, or pattern, a house may feel a little dead. It is crucial to pick the proper paint colors since they can affect people's moods, add to the ambiance, and change how they feel. Colors have a significant impact on human psychology and emotions.

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