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Why Choose Skill Sewa’s Painting Services

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Why Choose Skill Sewa’s Painting Services?

*Trained Professional
Painting your home with professionals is a whole different and clean job. Our workers are well trained in their field of work. Each workers are trained and experienced on what they do. 

*Supervised Painting
We care about you and your dream project. The assigned supervisors will assure right products and application procedure are followed to achieve the highest standard possible and timely completion of the job.

*Safety Protocols
Our trained applicators take all safety measures during the entire painting process. It includes temperature check at the time of entrance, usage of three layered mask and maintaining social distancing of the job.

Ø  *Use of Hi-Tech Device
We use laser based digital distance meters for accurate measurement to know the paint requirements and budget calculations. For quality, standing is done through electric sanders. To maintain cleanliness, dust, extraction is carried out.

Ø  *Waterproofing Solutions
Our trained applicators/ Home shield Experts provide accurate diagnoses & appropriate treatment for your building .

*Furniture covering
We cover your furniture and floor to protect from dust and paint drops.

Site Disinfection

We care about the safety and protection of your family. And so we clean and do complete site disinfection once the painting process is over.


*Completion of the site on time
We valur your time and we are committed to complete the job in time. Every logistic and painting procedure are closely monitored by the assigned supervisors keeping a checklist.

*Quality Service

o   We assure you the best services with quality guaranteed as all our product range is ISO certified.

o   Supervisors monitor every painting procedure so to achieve the highest standard finishes.

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