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Why Choose Skill Sewa’s Painting Services

Most of us would agree that painting is a quick and easy way to refresh and update your home. From painting your own bedroom or living room to changing the colour of your exterior, painting is one home strategy that’s both cost effective and produce immediate result. If you are looking for the Best Painting Service that value your time and provide hassle-free services then, here at Skillsewa , we have mastered the painting process which means we can supply you a quality paint job on schedule . Thus, Skillsewa will assist you determining the best wall paint to make your home look fresh , clean and attractive. We provide interior and exterior painting services and only use high quality materials for long- lasting results. Our professional painting service not only add color to wall but also to your life. 

Some Key Features That Comes with SkillSewa Painting Services are

1. Trained Professionals

Painting your home with professional is a whole different and clean job . Our workers are well trained in their field. Each workers are trained and experienced on what they do. We are responsible for providing all the necessary equipment needed for your home painting services often working as a part of team.

2. Site Inspection

Before starting the project our expert will first inspect the whole house to know where you want to change the looks. Our painter are qualified to prepare your wall, apply the product and achieve the desired results

3. Supervised Painting

We cared about you and your dream project. The assigned supervisor will assure right products and application procedure are followed to achieve the highest standard possible and timely completion of the job.

4. Safety Protocol

Our expert and trained applicator take all safety measures during the entire painting process which includes temperature check at the time of entrance, usage of three layered mask and maintaining the social distancing at the job. We make sure to practice painting safety when painting or working near electrical outlet. When you choose us rest assured that our painter have a safety first approval.

5. Use of Hi-Tech Devices

Our technician use laser based digital distance meters for accurate measurement to know the paint requirement and budget calculations. For quality,standing is done through electric slanders. To maintain cleanliness, dust and extraction is carried out.

6. Waterproofing Solutions

Our trained applicator provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment of your building and provide waterproofing paint solution that can be applied on any surface to ensure water doesn’t penetrate or stay with them.

*We also Provide Terrace Waterproofing Service if you want to grab that service click here

7. Protecting Your Decorative Furniture

We will make sure to cover floor, furniture,and all room decoration before starting any painting project. We cover your valuable to project against dust, paint, spills and damage.

8. Site disinfection

We care about safety and protection of your and so we clean and do complete site disinfection once the painting process is over

9. Completion of the Site on Time

We value your time and we are determined and commited to completed the painting job at your given time. Every logistics and painting procedure are closely monitored by assigned supervisor keeping a checklist. All staff will do all the preparation prior to painting and do post painting clean up of your home, leaving your home clean and spotless.

10. Quality Service and Dedicated Workers

We assure you to provide service and guarantee as all our product range is ISO certified. Our expert supervisor monitor every painting procedure to achieve the highest standard and luxury finishes. 

11. Free Consultation

We’ll view your home and give you a personalized detailed proposal including price and schedule. No guess work ,find out accurate painting cost from us, no matter how big or small the project is. Skill sewa will guide you to choose colors that make your home more attractive and luxurious. We will make sure to take care of your home like our own. We offer one of the best painting services inside the valley that not only beautifies your home but also add value and personality. As a professional painting service company we will guarantee that our painting will save your money and time for the long run. Why limit yourself to dull colors when you can experiment with variety of prints, wall paint colours?

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is Skillsewa painting?

It is a painting service that works inside Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur area that offers home inspection with high tech device, accurate painting cost, experience and skilled painter, quality and hassle - free painting work.

2.How long will it take to finish the project?

It depends upon the scale of the project and requirement such as number of rooms and floor to be painted. Wheather condition if project involves exterior work.

3.How will my personal property protected from paint?

After the removal of delicate items, all areas or remaining items will be cover with plastic sheeting.

4. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all of our work comes with 5 years of warranty

5.when should I pay you?

A payment schedule is outlined in our contact. We will inform you accordingly and expect to be paid at that time.

6. How can you connect with us ?

Skillsewa provide 24 hour service, so feel free to connect with us anytime you want through our different social media platform i.e.Click Here to Get this Service


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